Fiscus - Money & Expense Manager

A simple, intuitive and secure App that gives you complete control over your Money

An android app which parses your financial messages provides you with in depth analysis of your income & expenses incurred over a period. It also reminds user of their credit card , utility bills & other miscellaneous financial payment dues.

Case Highlights

  • Tracking of all of user’s bank account, credit cards and E-Wallets. A com-plete picture of account balances.
  • Income & Expense Classification
  • Budget Management & reminders
  • Bank Accounts Classification . i.e Savings or Current Accounts
  • Bills due/ overdue payment reminders
  • Auto classification of expenses


Different Financial service provider use different message structure for their service update messages. Sheer number of different structures and size of transaction messages makes the parsing challenging.

We were also required to auto classify transaction based on the content of the message.


A complex set of regex were used efficiently and concurrently to accurately parse the message and break it down it to its financial units.

Fuzzy logic was leveraged to auto- classify expenses & income based on the content of the message.

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