Options Trading App

Directional Tool for the options Trader

A concise tool for retail traders to help them analyse the stock price movement of the stock. App providers trades information like, wether the stock Bullish, Bearish or in consolidation phase. 

Case Highlights

  • Real Time Data Consumption of Tick by Tick data of Hundreds of Stocks
  • Processing of Option Chain Analysis
  • Analysis & Visualisation of  Open Interest changes over different time periods
  • implementation of Rules based decision matrix


The objective is to provide direction of stock price movement. For this algorithm employed uses OI data of derivates along with many other variables like tick by tick stock price of the underlying asset, IV etc. We needed do this processing for hundreds of stocks traded live in the market,  the size of the data was large, analysis needed to be provided in expected time (Otherwise trade opportunity can potentially be lost), At any point in time requirements mandated us that app shall provide direction for four different time periods along with user chosen custom time period.  


The performant solution expected here, requires concurrent execution of the key processes. We need a language and framework which provides ease of use and greater control to implement concurrent solutions.  We zeroed in for the Elixir, an Erlang based language which is the de facto industry’s favourite language for concurrent processing.  For framework we chose Phoenix Framework which is blazing fast in terms of latency.  

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