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The demand for real-time systems has increased significantly over the last few years

The demand for real-time systems has increased significantly over the last few years. Due to ever increasing mobile internet traffic that helps in providing real-time information, this market has got many interested right now. Real-time systems are applicable or can be harnessed for mobile applications, web applications, Multiplayer games, VoIP, real-time data sync and many other areas.

Powerful web based business solutions

While these technologies have mostly been enjoyed by the top companies till date, they are opening up to developers who can work on them to provide products and services to small and medium range companies. Some of these technologies on which OpenXcell has got a working knowledge are-

  • Firebase-for demonstration of real-time animations on action
  • Elastic Search and Algoila- for real-time search results on apps and websites
  • Node JS- Concurrent computing for data-intensive apps such as airline and movie ticket booking
  • Docker- Real-time app performance testing and quick deployment and many others

With more than 8 years of development experience, we have quickly learned that technologies facilitating real-time exchange of data and information are going to be crucial. From there on, we have worked on a number of mobile and web apps where we employed these technologies time to time to create real-time sy

Some of the major app types where we employed real-time technologies are-

  • Real-time multiplayer games
  • Instant messaging/Chat apps
  • Collaborative education apps using Firebase
  • Apps using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Collaboration apps
  • Location-tracking apps
  • Whiteboard Animations apps
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Real-time apps for Data Storage and Sync etc.

Although we have built these apps for a number of industries, eCommerce, healthcare, gaming, technology remain at the forefront.

Our real-time app development process has mainly five stages:

By deploying these effective real-time development processes, we strive to build cost-effective and robust real-time applications that will get you high returns for your investments. Hence, if you have something in mind that invites employing real-time tech, do not wait. Send an inquiry to

Real Time Technology Services

  • Real-time Mobile Apps

  • Get an experienced team onboard for your real-time mobile apps with Artdex & Cognoscis.

  • Real-time Web Apps

  • Hire Artdex & Cognoscis for cost effective development to build your real-time web app

  • Instant Messaging / Chat App

  • We have built hundreds of messaging and chat apps. Hire our developers to make one for you!

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

  • Our expert VoIP developers can help design and implement an efficient VOIP based communication solution that is tailored for your business.

  • Collaboration

  • Build collaboration apps with Artdex & cognoscis using real-time technologies

  • Location Tracking Apps

  • Make an awesome location tracking app. Hire Artdex & Cognoscis for your project!

  • Whiteboard Animations Apps

  • Our customized whiteboard animation apps help companies and educational institutions effectively collaborate with fellow professionals or students.

  • Real-time Dashboards

  • We have built real-time dashboards for Analytics, Social Media, Retail and many other industries

  • Real-time Integrations

  • Go for real-time integrations to deliver customer success with Artdex & Cognoscis.

  • Real-time Storage and Sync

  • We provide businesses with cloud storage and real-time sync services that will let end-users have seamless real-time access to all data.

Some feedback from our clients

  • Dr. Sandeep Gupta
    Sagar and Anoop from Artdex & Cognoscis are really helpful in understanding our requirements and developing an advanced analytics platform for our company.
    Dr. Sandeep Gupta
    CEO - Ensemble Energy
  • Sameer Narkar
    Artdex & Cognoscis acts like our in-house tech department.They understand all our requirements in clear and concise manner and develop solutions which greatly adds value to our business
    Sameer Narkar
    CEO - Prudence Software

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